Below are the citizen testimonials we collected prior to the complaint system we now have on the CPW website, and prior to the CPW email system we had before our website.  These testimonials, and the other citizen complaints we have documented thus far, speak to a variety of issues, including, but not limited to, bothersome chemical odors, putrid compost odors, unending dust near the site, industrial noise at all hours of the day and night, heavy truck traffic around the site, etc.

When exposed to the odors, noise, dust, etc., citizens have reported experiencing physical symptoms, including, but not limited to, headaches, nausea, body weakness, increased stress and anxiety, depression and more.  Citizens report a negative impact on their quality of life, as well, due to living near this industrial site.  Additional concerns are that this industrial site may be ill-impacting businesses in the area, property values, the marketability of Westerville and Blendon Township, Alum Creek and the aquifer that feeds the Huber Ridge public water supply.

All of the citizen testimonials below, AND all citizen pollution complaints CPW collects, are forwarded to the leaders and regulators associated with the 270/Westerville Road industrial site:

  • Ohio EPA and U.S EPA
  • Columbus Public Health Department and Franklin County Department of Health
  • Columbus and Franklin County Floodplain Regulators
  • Columbus Zoning Department
  • Blendon Township Zoning and Trustees
  • Westerville Leadership (No jurisdiction at the industrial site, but they know their citizens are being impacted)
  • Rep. Lightbody, Rep. Leland (Districts house the industrial site)
  • Senator Maharath, and Senator Brenner (Districts house the industrial site)
  • Columbus City Council Chair (Cols City Council allowed rezoning for asphalt plant in 2001)
  • Bureau of Underground Storage Tank Regulation (BUSTR via Fire Marshall)
  • Ohio Department of Natural Resources


My son's asthma symptoms increase terribly when the asphalt plants fire up in the spring. Something must be done about the pollution and dust!


The noise from this plant is a constant irritant, and a reminder of the industrial waste being generated and sent into the air and water near our homes.

Amanda (Westerville citizen)

It’s so bad!  I love living here except this horrid toxic odor nearly every day!

Amanda (Westerville resident)

I have given reports and made statements over the years but I finally had enough!  We decided to put our beautiful home in Brook Run up for sale.  I just couldn’t continue to breath this tainted air or subject my children to it any longer.

Leah (Blendon Township resident)

... The asphalt production smell is apparently ramping up...the air is absolutely permeated with the asphalt makes my throat burn and I feel nauseated and weak kneed...

Becket (Gahanna resident)

I must tell you that businesses (in Westerville) are being affected by this situation...I no longer shop at Raisin Rack and unenrolled my two daughters from Cultured Kids Club on Park Meadow Road as a result of the experiences that I previously believed were isolated  incidents of pollution in the air but turned out to be a symptom of a much bigger problem.  I am currently looking for an alternative to classes at Westerville Community Center for myself and my children in an effort to breathe cleaner air.

Becket (Gahanna resident)

I would never even consider moving to Westerville nor would I encourage anyone to do so as a result of the suffering going on at the hand of these polluters.

Blendon Township Zoning Officer, 2015

What I deal with on a fairly routine basis is Kurtz Bros, the smell coming from the compost piles, flies coming from the compost piles, all the associated travel, debris, dust, dirt drug out on roadways...Auto Repair shops call about dust about the smell and flies and not to mention everyone who lives east in subdivisions.

Bonnie (Columbus resident)

I live across Alum Creek (adjacent to industrial site)…In August, they started running this machine all night long.  It emits a steady 60 dB or higher as measured from my balcony...this noise makes it impossible for residents on my side of the building to sleep.  Opening windows is out of the question.

Peggy (Columbus resident)

Overnight through 7 a.m...Constant loud rumbling industrial & truck noise...can hear inside condo...Scale 8.5/ be able to concentrate used noise cancelling headphones thoughout the day.  Some effects:  more nervous, anxious, stressed out, unable to concentrate, sleeplessness...“

A few complaints CPW found at OEPA during one of our public record requests:

  1. David: 2 miles sw of industrial site, 8/1/14: ”Mr. R. called today to report that the asphalt plant odor was very strong today at approx.. 8 a.m. in the area of his house.”
  2. Melissa: 1.9 miles NE of the industrial site, 5/15/13: “Mrs. C called to report that the asphalt plant odor was extremely strong this morning at 8:30 a.m. and that she experienced a significant headache after experiencing the odors…”
  3. Anonymous: ~1/4 mile from site, 7/7/12:  An OEPA Rep says: “I had a voicemail this morning from someone saying they were driving by the giant piles of asphalt plant on 270 and rt 3 around 9:00 last night and had to close the windows of their car because of a strong chemical burning smell that caused his eyes to burn and cough…”


Testimonials CPW has collected in person, via email, facebook, etc.

  1. Diane: NW of site, ~1.5 miles:  “I work at 270 and Cleveland. Close enough to get some of the odor.  Always makes me physically ill.  To the point of needing to sit down because I’m so nauseous and dizzy.  Happens every time I get anywhere around that smell.”
  2. Jaimee: “I smell it every time I use that exit, it’s terrible.  I actually try to avoid the exit if I can.”
  3. Tiffany: “Sometimes the smell is faint. Sometimes I can’t open my windows because it smells so bad.  A couple times I was embarrassed to have friends over it smelled so bad.  I started getting headaches 6 or 7 years ago.  I can’t say if it is or isn’t caused or affected by the odors.  We moved to Huber R. in 1996.  26 years ago come March.  I can say for sure back then there was no putrid smell.   I remember being able to be outside with my kids for hours at a time with no terrible odors.  The worst odors have just started in the last several years.  I grew up near A.B. brewery so I am used to some odors being present but the ones here in the last few years are truly awful.”
  4. Johnathan: ~2 miles NE of site, Nov. 11, 2014:  OEPA Rep states:  “Johnathan R. called city of Westerville to complain about odors from Scioto Materials.  He said the citizen said he could smell the facility inside his home with doors and windows closed and the odors made him nauseous.”
  5. Patty: “I know the kids hate playing out on recess because it smells so bad.  I know I would love to be able to sit out on my patio and enjoy a cup of coffee and read a good book but I can’t with that smell.”
  6. Lynn: E/SE of site, Spring, 2015, Huber Ridge:  “I am working in the yard again.  I have brought out my glass top outdoor furniture that I can clean to shiny.  In just a few hours on some days, a residue, a gray, gritty residue, will develop—it’s not dust.  I am almost 52 years and although I am by far not Martha Steward worthy, I know what dust is…I leave my windows open in spring/summer/early fall and the stuff is on the screens (which I am getting ready to replace all of them) and gets in the house—this isn’t regular “dust.”  My parents resided in a rural area of low traffic and had outdoor glass top furniture.  They did not have “industrial” operations and they never had this mess.  I am not as concerned about the “compost” odor (perhaps I should be) although it does overtake the front porch on humid days when it isn’t breezy.  I can say for sure, it’s very discouraging to go around, out and in, “dust,” and by the time you are finished, you can write your name where your efforts began, and it looks like a few days of build up within a couple of hours and I don’t just go around with swiffy, or “rag” I use polishes and cleaners.  My neighbors have shared the same issues over the years, and one of them, she IS a Martha, and she has talked about this in her house.
  7. Gary: Directly west of the site, 1/4 of a mile away:  “My wife and I live in a lovely little condo at River Ridge Condos, located on Cooper Rd.  In 2001 we were one of the first owners in what was then a new development.  We intentionally bought a second floor back side unit overlooking Alum Creek mainly for the view.  On many days it is pleasant to sit on our balcony and enjoy the creek and greenery on the banks.  However, on other days the smell of asphalt from Scioto Materials Co., located just across Alum Creek from us, is totally overwhelming; on these days it is impossible for us to sit on our balcony.  On other days the terrible odors from Kurtz Bros mulching plant, also across the creek from us, are unpleasant to the point that we must stay inside and keep our windows closed.  Noise from heavy machinery at Kurtz is also a problem at night, sometimes interfering with restful sleep, because the machinery often operates until early hours of the morning.  Personally, I can put up with the mulch odor because it is worst, on only a few days, and it’s probably not super detrimental to our health.  I’m am more concerned about the toxic air from Scioto Materials Co. Asphalt and its associated chemicals—it’s not only annoying; It’s a legitimate public health hazard.  I hate to think of how children in our neighborhood are impacted.  It’s an environmental injustice.  I also frequently jog and walk on the bike path that goes behind our unit.  I have to pick my days and my times if I want to avoid the toxic air quality.  In my opinion, residential development in this area has grown around what was and is an industrial site.  Those in charge of urban planning in this location should have taken action to promote more responsible development here, but that’s water over the bridge at this point.  Scioto Materials Co. and Kurtz Bros should relocate in the interest of public health and safety.  The concrete plants in the area probably should also relocate. Their toxic emissions are not as immediately conspicuous as the asphalt and mulch odors, but in terms of health and safety, their particulates could be even worse for us than the bad odors.”
  8. Theresa: E/SE of site, Huber Ridge:  “I’m glad that someone is going to do this.  I have a friend who used to live near there and we would walk our newborns in that park.  Until one day we caught a whiff of that stuff and decided we should go elsewhere!”
  9. Bobbi: E/SE of site, Spring, 2015:  I live in Westerville, near Kohls.  My family is continually bothered by the terrible smell from the Kokosing Asphalt Plant.  Not only the asphalt plant smell but also the concrete and mulch plants.  So many companies have found a home in the area south of I-270 because it is so convenient to our freeway system.  Good for them, bad for all of us.  What you might not realize is how dangerous these odors are to our health.  I have been contacting the EPA for the past 10 years.  The problem is that it takes a village to solve this problem.  I know people don’t want to get involved, don’t have the time, etc.  But in order to have these companies held accountable, you must become involved.  The health effects might unfortunately effect you or your children at some point.  We need to stop the pollution before we are statistics.  I know everyone is busy, but getting involved is as easy as making a phone call EVERY time you smell the odor, or notice extreme dust in the area, something dark coming from the stacks, etc.  It takes 5 minutes. The EPA will not do anything or even come to the site without our complaints.  Many improvements were made and one company moved from the location. If you have noticed increased headaches, sinus problems, difficulty breathing, irritated eyes, you too might be reacting to the odors.  Pick up the phone and let the EPA know about it.
  10. Peggy (East of site—across the creek): “I have made notes of the following issues throughout the summer, for example:

Noise pollution:  constant level of noise starts approx. 6,7,8 a.m. and can continue until 6 p.m. and beyond: noise from trucks, conveyor belts, trucks backing up “beep, beep, beep,” able to hear inside of condo with windows closed; constant loud, rumbling, low tone noise able to hear inside of condo with windows closed; extremely loud banging, booming noises, can start around 6 a.m. and can continue until 8 or 9 a.m…”boom, boom, boom,” I mean very, very loud booms, sounds like a large metal weight being dropped to break up large hard objects, actually can feel the ground shaking, maybe large pieces of concrete or large rocks are being smashed?

Smell/Odors: a) very strong metallic smells, have noticed in morning, continues throughout the day; affects breathing, have stopped walking or spending time outdoors on metallic smell days; b) very strong asphalt smell, continues throughout day, affects breathing, have stopped walking or spending time outdoors on asphalt smell days c) very strong mulch smell, continues throughout day, have stopped walking or spending time outdoors on very strong mulch days.

I discussed the following issues related to pollution at the industrial site with the following below:

9/10/15:  phone call to Kris Weiss, Ohio EPA public interest center

11/5/15:  phone call to Chris Corder, Aide to Rep. Gonzales

11/10/15: phone call to Bryan Rhoads, Code Enforcement, Blendon Township

Also see the email below dated 11/22/15 (log from 11/11/15 through 11/19/15) that was sent to Bryan Rhoads, that references noise related complaints involving the industrial site:

Note: The noise ratings (0-10) are based on outside noise from the industrial site that I could hear from inside my condo:

Email to Bryan Rhoads: Dear Bryan, Hope things are going well for you.  This is Margaret M. my home address is…Condo on Alum Creek.  I spoke to you on the phone on 11/10/15 and registered some complaints about the “noise” coming from the industrial site at 270 & Rt. 3.  I am sending you my log of additional noise-related complaints re: the site from 11/11/15 through 11/19/15.  If you need any additional info.,.please contact me at….

Complaints involve the following Companies:

Metro Materials and Sarasota Transport

Log 11/15 through 11/19

11/11/15: 7 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.; constant loud rumbling industrial & truck noise; can hear noise inside condo (with windows closed), scale 7/10

11/12:  7a.m. to 5 p.m., constant loud rumbling industrial and truck noise; can hear noise inside condo, scale 8.5/10

11/16: 7:30 a.m. to 7 p.m, constant loud rumbling industrial & truck noise, can hear noise inside condo, scale 8.5/10

11/17:  7 a.m. to 6 p.m., constant loud rumbling industrial & truck noise, can hear noise inside condo, scale, 8/10. Used cancelling headphones

11/18/15:  7 a.m. to 4;30 p.m (SAME), scale 7/10. Used headphones.

11/19/15:  7:30 to 4:30 AND 11 p.m. overnight thru 7 am (11/20/15); constant loud rumbling industrial & truck noise, can hear noise inside condo, scale 8.5-10.  To be able to concentrate used noise cancelling headphones throughout day.  Noise started again. Used noise cancelling phone to get to sleep.

Some effects of manufacturing noise during referenced time period:                     

 More nervous, anxious, stressed out, unable to concentrate, sleeplessness, did not walk on Alum Creek path or around condo complex during mfg noise, did not sit out on my back porch during mfg noise.

Some environmental effects:                                                                                                               No longer hear birds singing in the morning or see as many birds around throughout the day and night.  Do not see as many ducks in Alum Creek behind condo complex.

Please keep a record of my noise complaints on file.  If you need any additional info., please contact me.”


  1. Bonnie: “I live on _____, immediately across Alum Creek from Scioto Materials.  One large machine in particular is quite loud.  In August, they started running this machine all night long.  It emits a steady 60 dB or higher as measured from my balcony.  Even now, this noise is intermittent at all hours of the night, making it impossible for residents on my side of the building to sleep.  Opening windows is out of the question.  It would be very helpful if they could refrain from running machinery during evening hours.”
  2. Ginger: “Hello, the past week has been very stinky.  I officially left a complaint with the EPA and Blendon Township.  It’s appalling that I can’t enjoy my porch on a long holiday weekend because the air is thick and noxious.”
  3. Gina: “I’m bothered by the mulch smell all the time.  If I knew about it before I moved here, I wouldn’t have moved here.  I used to live by the brewery, it smelled so much better than the mulch plant, which to me smells like a pig farm. I’m also very curious if they put any chemicals on top of the rotting mulch.”
  4. Jenny: “I live approximately 1.5 miles north of the site. This site impacts my life greatly—my physical health and my mental health. When the wind is blowing the noxious asphalt odors my way, I cannot go outside to enjoy my beautiful wooded property; I cannot go outside to exercise; I cannot open my windows.  When I have been exposed to these odors for any period of time (getting accidentally exposed to them BECAUSE I always check the wind before I walk outside), I have experienced burning in my nose, throat, chest; I have experienced weakness in my body, slight headaches, etc.  There have also been times when these noxious odors are so bad I can smell them inside my house.  Last week (Oct. 19, 2015) I could smell the odors INSIDE my house on 2 mornings, even with all of my windows closed, and I had to leave my house.  I am also concerned about the large amount of particulates that are being emitted from this property.  I could go on and on about this but that’s all for now.”
  5. Pam:                                                                                                                                                        “Dear Honorable Gonzales,

I look forward to attending the Dec. 7 (2015) meeting regarding the Westerville Road industrial sites to convey by my presence that this site is a source of concern that needs to be addressed.  I am hopeful that you will be able to provide quick and reasonable solutions and/or directives to address the many issues associated with this site.

Learning about the effects of contaminants from the asphalt plants on my health was enlightening and disturbing.  Add to that, learning that some companies are polluting Alum Creek and possibly our water supply in Huber Ridge is also a serious matter of concern, not only for residents, but also for the animals; terrestrial and aquatic.

My primary and personal complaint stems from Kurtz Brothers and how the stench from the mulching process negatively impacts my quality of life, breathing, and eventually property values.  When Kurtz Bros. process their mulch, I have to stay inside and certainly close windows.  It is quite unpleasant and inconvenient.  I have filed complaints with the EPA and did not receive responses from them.

Thank you, for agreeing to meet about these very important issues.”

  1. Sara: “I live 1.5 miles north of the lant.  There are days when there is a strong asphalty smell in the air that is very unpleasant.  I called to file a complaint with the Ohio EPA.”
  2. Leah: “I’ve lived in Westerville since I was born 30+ years ago, my father since he was 5 years old in the very same house about a mile or so from the plants….so I’d say I have the right to be frustrated with the stink being raised by these companies.  Most of the sites have been added in the last decade baring Anderson’s concrete, from what I remember as a child.  But the smell only started within the last decade-ish timeframe (in fact I remember the first day my husband and I smelled this horrible odor was while living in our first apartment literally just around the corner from the house I grew up in), so that is probably some indication as to what sites are giving off the unnatural foul smells.  And personally, I love cow manure because it’s a naturally occurring smell, so that wouldn’t bother me at all!”
  3. Julie: “Agree with several of the above comments.  We have lived here for what will be 15 years in March.  It was only in the last several years that the smells were noticeable.  So bad sometimes that my kids don’t want to go outside and play.  And when we have visitors, I have to try and explain the smell…it’s embarrassing. As far as any illness or similar problems, it would be hard to say for sure.”
  4. Jolene: “I hate driving anywhere down that way, including 270, it stinks so bad!!!”
  5. Susan: “I am still in the process of finding out why I cough but this past summer, I had to go in the house because the smell was so strong it made me cough so bad.  Dr. seems to think it is allergies, makes sense then to what triggers the cough.”


Facebook 5/25/17—

  1. Kristen: “It was horrible tonight. I went to Glengary to pick up some Chinese food. The odor made me nauseous.”
  2. Emily S. “I drive to Westerville 4 days a week. We used to live there and I remember the smell. Now that we have moved I feel like the smell is 100 times worse. I always switch to the recycled air option in my van when I am getting off at route 3 because it smells so bad right off the highway. It’s awful. I will sign any petition or help in any way possible because I can’t imagine living around that smell daily.”


Facebook 10/29/17

  1. Amanda M.“It’s so bad! I love living here except this horrid toxic odor nearly every day!!”
  2. Message from Leah (sent me on 6/27/17) a conversation happening on Huber Ridge Facebook Page:

Bran G.: “I live on Arnett Ct.  I know it only appears to be a foul smell but got only knows what chemicals from that plant behind speedway are being pumped into the air we all breathe.  Every morning I wake up it’s there.  If I leave my windows open over night in the morning the house is filled with the smell.  What can we do?  I’m concerned for my children as well as yours.”

Gelleen L. H.: “Are we talking about chemical or manure smell?”

Jamie R.: “I keep thinking that’s a manure/wood chip smell.  Am I wrong?”

Pam C.: “It is mulch being processed and some smell manure, some think pig farm, etc.  It smells.”

Rebecca A. H.: “The mulch smell is from Kurtz brother when they turn the hard waste they collect.  It smells but is not harmful.”

Paula L.: “I don’t think people realize mulch is often pallets and rats, mice, small animals all get churned up in it.  I was told this by someone who makes mulch.  Yuck.”

Bran G.: “Some days it smells like chemicals and other days processed wood.  Does the county provide any kind of air quality tests or if tests have been completed where can we find results?”

John M.: “Bran, it’s probably also the asphalt plant at the Corna Kokosing Materials plant.  They’re always mixing up a fresh batch for all the road construction going on.”

Cliff S.: “We tried for years to get the sulfur dioxide monitored from the asphalt plant.  When we finally did get some action they just added two more asphalt stacks to comply with volume emissions, money talks.”

Tim A.: “Yeah, that “sweet cherry” smell (as we call it) has been really bad the past couple of days.  I pretty much always chalk it up to wind direction, esp since we got it (maybe even more frequently) when we lived by Westerville South.  I agree, it sucks.  I feel pretty bad for people who are around the Vineyard by the creek/at that park, sometimes I will drive by there, close up all of my windows and turn off the vents and I still get hit pretty badly.”

Bran G.: “Definitly nothing sweet about it.”

Tim A.: “I agree, it honestly mostly goes without description.  Potent.  Repugnant.  Those work, but still don’t accurately describe it some days….”

Shannon M. S.: “I worry about this daily”

Danielle P.: “I hate it too!  The smell is so strong!”

Alicia A. S.: “Honestly burning my sinuses today.”

Bran G.: “My children and myself have all experienced the same burning sensation.  They tell us it’s no cause for concern.  I must have idiot stamped on my forehead.”

Deborah S.: “I live right on Arnett Ct too the smell gets really bad at times.”

Echo S.: “I live on Oslo Dr.  I grew up in a farm community and manure smells better than that.”

  1. Leah 6/27/17                                 “Hello Kristopher (Ohio EPA)
    I am a resident of the Huber Ridge neighborhood in Westerville, Ohio. In previous years we have dealt with the smells coming from the industrial site at route 3 and 270 on a fairly limited basis. As you know, wind direction plays a large part in who you hear from that is affected by the smells coming from this site. Fortunately for us, we moved from Westerville proper (northwest of the site) 3 years ago, so we do not experience the foray of smells quite as often in our now south/east proximity to the site. I am a very level headed, non-extreme, non-alarmist, person. However, as this whole situation continues with no resolve to our community, I will gladly make myself a thorn in your side … because the fact that I can’t open my windows on a 72* day at the end of June and enjoy some fresh air due to smells coming from a site that you claim is “operating by Ohio EPA standards” is COMPLETELY AND UTTERLY UNACCEPTABLE. I have a 15 month old daughter that cannot play outside at our home on this beautiful day. Thankfully she will be heading to her grandparents house in Westerville proper, which won’t be experiencing the smells and pollutants today as Huber Ridge is bombarded with it. The smell today is most definitely a 4+ with burning, itching, watery eyes and difficulty breathing due to the noxious odor. Please send someone’s once to smell this repugnant odor. I AM REQUESTING THIS COMPLAINT BE ADDED TO THE OFFICIAL FILE ON THIS SITE. I have also attached a link to our Huber Ridge area association page which shows numerous others commenting on the smells today. We are not stupid to where these smells are coming from. And we are as a whole, very, incredibly, fed up with it.
    Leah A.
  2. Leah, 6/27/17                      “Kristopher,
    This has to be the worst day of smells we’ve yet experienced at our current house. The asphalt production smell is apparently ramping up, as I came home to take my daughter to the slide at the school playground directly behind our house and the air is absolutely permeated with the asphalt smell. It’s so strong it makes my throat burn and I feel nauseated and weak kneed when the wind blows *this* particular odor our way. We are at Huber Ridge Elementary School. There is no possible way that at this direct time the plant could be operating under normal regulations, and if “they are,” those regulations need to be reviewed for the well being of all of those in our community. Please note this in the official file on the route 3/270 industrial site.
    Is there any way for you to expedite a meeting with the Citizens for Clean Air group to get some answers and information about why this is happening with such frequency?
  3. Leah, 6/27/17 “Kristopher,
    With all do respect to your, and your crews professional knowledge … I grew up on a horse and cow farm. The smell we are experiencing is not the smell of manure mulch. It is a smell of additives. I have zero concern with natural manure smells, but rather additions to the mulch that make it smell so sickeningly and falsely sweet. Are these additives allowed? Are they in fact caused by not turning the mulch pile frequently enough? Is this a site-able violation of their operation?
  4. D & L: “Lynn here, JUST SAW THIS AND YOUR SITE! First, Thank You. We live in Huber Ridge, and most certainly, the airborne particulates ARE AN ISSUE. I have glass top outdoor furniture, look Martha Stewart I am not, but at the same time, within a very short period of time having cleaned the glass and the furniture, you can see and feel a gritty type residue. The same goes for if you leave car windows down, the “dust”, we have black vehicles now, so it’s even more pronounced. Husband used to be fussy, not seeming like I was tidying or perhaps the dogs causing additional “dust” in the house. I have lived in other places and had pets. What we have here is NOT “dust”. This is a gritty, grey, residue and you can SEE THAT even on the rags when you dust and clean.”
  5. D & L.“Lynn here, on the one way across from Huber school, the other morning the stench of decay was SO PUNGENT I searched my flower bed to make sure some sort of animal had not died on my front lawn.”
  6. Pam, 6/29/17                     


For the record the pungent smell of processed mulch greeted me as I exited my vehicle today to shop at Marc’s in Westerville. I used my shirt to cover my nose. Around 11:20.


Pam C.

  1. Amy, 9/7/17 via email                           
    I live at __________ in the Condos at River Ridge on Cooper Road. I’m pretty much at ground zero, directly across Alum Creek.  Various odors are bad, but the one that has been most horrendous smells, quite frankly, like manure. Only not just manure in mulch smell, but more like you’ve fallen into a pile of it. It has been an all-day smell, and sometimes for a few hours.  If you’d like to come over to my complex and check it out, you are very welcome to do so.


Facebook Page 

  1. Pam C, Nov 8, 2017 Dear Neighbors, If you are unable to attend tomorrow night’s meeting (on the industrial site) but would like to be counted as a concerned citizen, then please reply to this post with “yes” and there will be a  record of your concern. Thank you.

Tiffany T.—yes

Tiana R.—yes

Corrie C.—yes

Christine L.—yes

Erin E.—yes

Kelli S.—yes

Richard C.—yes

El M.—yes

Danielle T.—yes

Jen M.—yes

Chad L.—yes

Michelle R.—yes

Helen S.—yes

Kelly K.—yes

Cathy T. L.—yes

Susan H. H.—I plan on being there

Sarah R.—yes

Bonnie A. K.—yes

Bill A.K.—yes

Sherry J. P.—yes

Elsie A. H. – yes

Elly K.—yes

Jackie N Gary Brandon—yes, yes, hope to make it. My son lives in neighborhood and he says yes

Amy W.—yes

Lucina S.—yes

Todd T.—yes

Pam M. S.—yes

Liz P. L.—yes

Jennifer H.—yes

Ron R.—yes

Tiffaney L.—yes

Jim W.—yes

Claudia K.C.—yes

Leah L.—yes

  1. Susan H. H.: “To me the smell is awful, but the BIG scare is the amount of chemicals in the air and water, our well is very, very close to the plants.”
  2. Leah A.: “I think it’s so important for us not to just talk about this theoretical “next generation” with our officials, but for them to actually see and know the faces of the next generation this impacts.  The faces of children who aren’t always able to go out and play in their own yards or even local playground on the days when the smells are so terrible.”
  3. Kacy W: (Email to me Nov. 21, 2017) “I’ve lived in Westerville for about 18 years and grew up in Genoa Township a few years before that. For the last 15 years, my husband and I have lived in Old Westerville, just off of State Street on the North end of town. I started noticing a really strong asphalt smell about four years ago. I’m not sure why I never noticed it before that. Initially, I chalked the smell up to the roadwork they were doing one street over. When that was done, I thought it must be a paving project the City was was doing on the trails in the park near our house. When that project was over and I still smelled it, I thought it must be some of the other road projects happening around town. But eventually, I noticed that there weren’t any road projects happening that close to me anymore and I could still smell the smell on a very regular basis. I started to worry about what it was and thought perhaps it was Worthington Industries’ facility over on Maxtown, but that didn’t seem to be right either. So when I saw some women complaining about it on a local moms Facebook group and your name and efforts came up, that is when I realized the actual source of the smell was likely from that site. I have not experienced the other issues that others complained about and am thankful I don’t live closer to the site for that reason. We did move to a different part of Westerville (still on the north end) early this past summer and I still smell the strong odor in our new house.”
  4. Kacy W. (11/21/17)   “We live near the intersection of Otterbein and College now. It was terrible both there and also when we stopped into Big Lots this afternoon. I don’t recall smelling it as much in the winter before. I really hope they run less rather than more.”
  5. Bobbi, 11/21/17 via textUptown had a horrible smell this morning.  I can taste the asphalt right now at 3:18 p.m.  So much for a walk…horrible smelling!!  Bob just drove by on the way home from work and said the smell is coming from drying, he believes.  Not the big stack.  Pisses me off.”
  6. Amanda, 12/6 or 12/7, 2017 via email                                                                                                        “Yes! Something has changed!! I grew up here in the ‘90s not far from there and never remember anything close to what I’ve smelled these past few years. I moved away in 2001 and back here in 2010.”
  7. Kacy, 2/2/18 via email “I haven’t kept track and didn’t do a good job reporting the smells when they bothered me unfortunately. However, I remember the asphalt smell being really bad around Thanksgiving and maybe right after. I have smelled a really strong mulch smell on a few days more recently since then.

I am worried about the smells once the weather warms up.

I am thankful for your efforts and will try to be better about supporting you and helping with this cause in the future. I am really sorry to hear your work often falls on deaf ears.

Thanks for checking in.”

  1. Bonny, 2/13/18, Via email                                  “Update:  The heavy equipment noise at Kurtz Brothers continued until about 2 this morning. It started back up around 5:30. I have had to call off work this morning with a tremendous headache and exhaustion from lack of sleep. Since the noise is going quite loudly again now just before 8 a.m, I will have to get out of here and go to work without sleep and with a pounding headache to try to escape the noise. I wish someone would come here and listen to this so you can see what we are having to endure. Please help us.”


Facebook conversation

  1. Leah  “As if your life (read: my family’s life) is not already “a living hell” when we too often can’t even take our nightly walk outside without our nose and lungs burning? Or let our kid play on the back patio. Or run the A/C during the summer because it brings strong outside smells in. Or open our windows during cold fronts on the, sometimes, rare nice summer nights because we’re East/SE of the site. Or know that on the days we’re not getting bombarded, someone else probably is.And you know, I let fear of retaliation (from companies and neighbors alike) keep me from letting Nathan do an interview with our little family about the severe impact the industrial site has had on our family at MULTIPLE locations we have lived in Westerville. It’s just all so strange to me how people aren’t even a little curious. Just a little. But hey, curiosity after all, kills the cat, and it would appear many are too busy being sheep”
  2. Alicia: “Some days, there is nothing. Other days, it seems like it’s burning your nose hairs off. I’ve lived here for a year and smelled it multiple times. Paris and Vienna.”
  3. Susan: “30 years here, it’s real and awful.”