• Amanda (Westerville citizen)
    It’s so bad!  I love living here except this horrid toxic odor nearly every day!
    Amanda (Westerville citizen)
  • Amanda (Westerville resident)
    I have given reports and made statements over the years but I finally had enough!  We decided to put our beautiful home in Brook Run up for sale.  I just couldn’t continue to breath this tainted air or subject my children to it any longer.
    Amanda (Westerville resident)
  • Leah (Blendon Township resident)
    ... The asphalt production smell is apparently ramping up...the air is absolutely permeated with the asphalt smell....it makes my throat burn and I feel nauseated and weak kneed...
    Leah (Blendon Township resident)
  • Becket (Gahanna resident)
    I must tell you that businesses (in Westerville) are being affected by this situation...I no longer shop at Raisin Rack and unenrolled my two daughters from Cultured Kids Club on Park Meadow Road as a result of the experiences that I previously believed were isolated  incidents of pollution in the air but turned out to be a symptom of a much bigger problem.  I am currently looking for an alternative to classes at Westerville Community Center for myself and my children in an effort to breathe cleaner air.
    Becket (Gahanna resident)
  • Becket (Gahanna resident)
    I would never even consider moving to Westerville nor would I encourage anyone to do so as a result of the suffering going on at the hand of these polluters.
    Becket (Gahanna resident)
  • Blendon Township Zoning Officer, 2015
    What I deal with on a fairly routine basis is Kurtz Bros, the smell coming from the compost piles, flies coming from the compost piles, all the associated travel, debris, dust, dirt drug out on roadways...Auto Repair shops call about dust about the smell and flies and not to mention everyone who lives east in subdivisions.
    Blendon Township Zoning Officer, 2015
  • Bonnie (Columbus resident)
    I live across Alum Creek (adjacent to industrial site)…In August, they started running this machine all night long.  It emits a steady 60 dB or higher as measured from my balcony...this noise makes it impossible for residents on my side of the building to sleep.  Opening windows is out of the question.
    Bonnie (Columbus resident)
  • Peggy (Columbus resident)
    Overnight through 7 a.m...Constant loud rumbling industrial & truck noise...can hear inside condo...Scale 8.5/10...to be able to concentrate used noise cancelling headphones thoughout the day.  Some effects:  more nervous, anxious, stressed out, unable to concentrate, sleeplessness...“
    Peggy (Columbus resident)

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